Istituto Salesiano G. Bearzi in Udine

Who are we?

Bearzi. The Salesian work of Udine
The Bearzi of Udine is an educational-pastoral work that tries to live Don Bosco’s passion for young people in the belief that in every young man there is a dream, a desire for good, a search for meaning, a desire to live that It must be grown and raised.

Bearzi wants to help young people have a good look at the other, to know how to grasp in every person and in every event that goodness that will save the world through an educational action that is accomplished when he turns looks for looks full of passion capable of burning in the braziers of the newspaper. Bearzi wants to educate the hearts of young people so that they discover that only a life donated returns that sense to which they yearn. As Don Bosco we spend to make God’s presence and good action grasped in the plot of his own history.


  • Primary School
  • First degree secondary school
  • Mechatronic and computer technical institute
  • Professional Training Center
  • Social
  • Oratory
  • Parish
  • Proposed community


  • Science Center
  • Work
  • Continuous training
  • University boarding school
  • Hospitality
  • Sport facilities
  • Top

The IT industrial technician ranks in companies dedicated to the production of software and professional realities in which the production and management of the software, the sizing and exercise of data processing systems are relevant and management; It carries out the analysis of systems and designs application programs, hardware and software of industrial systems, telecommunications, network, automation and data processing infrastructures; It also plans the development of IT resources in small productive realities and assists users by providing them with basic advice and training; carries out web programming server side.

The laboratories
The laboratory is not only a place, but it is a didactic method that involves all disciplines and allows students to experience „knowing” through „doing” giving strength to the idea that school is the place where it „learns to learn ” For all life. The students thus become active protagonists of their training course. Iti Bearzi offers physics, chemistry, robotic, electronic, computerism workshops and, in collaboration with the CFP, the tire workshops, oleodynamics, machine tools and numerical control.

The Mechatronic industrial technician collaborates in the manufacture and assembly of mechanical components, with attached processing of processing cycles; carries out programming, progress and production control activities together with analysis and cost evaluation; performs the sizing, installation and management of simple industrial plants; Participates in the design of mechanical groups, control and testing of materials, semi -finished products and finished products, the use of automated handling and production systems and systems; It is able to independently manage IT systems for design and mechanical production; Participates in the development of executive programs for machine tools and CNC processing centers, control and developing systems, machinery as well as related maintenance programs and services; He knows how to work with the PLC, draw with CAD and model with inventor.

Training offer
The I.T.I. “G. Bearzi ”is a non -state public school, built in 2007 in response to the new needs of the labor market. He carries out his training action in favor of young people by offering multiple proposals, such as internship activities and technical visits in companies in the sector for direct contact with the world of work.

The I.T.I. Bearzi is a Catholic school of excellence because it offers:

  • a professional cultural training appropriate to the needs of current society;
  • A full education, which helps the young man to find a psycho-affective balance and to live his vocation in full which is an indispensable condition for the realization of the self;
  • A clear awareness of one’s identity that defends as a precious heritage;
  • A comparison on the questions that culture arises by judging them to the light of the evangelical message;
  • A religious dimension that helps those who can enjoy the gift of faith to meet God in their existence.



Don Lorenzo Teston
To make an appointment contact the secretariat at 0432493904

Prof. Lucia Radicchi
To make an appointment contact the secretariat at 0432493904