Our mobilities have started on Friday (27.05.2022). We will be here till June the 7th. We are staying in the region Friuli – Venezia Giulia. The view is breathtaking – we are surrounded by incredible mountains.

Our hotel is in a town Tarcento. It is a small burgh occupated by 6 000 people, near Udine. People are really kind here – everyone is smiling at you while they go past you. They seem to be really open-minded and polite. There is a magnificent, antique church. You can also notice the beauty of these all small streets with colorful buildings on both sides.

We perceived that small, homely restaurants are a common thing here. It’s so nice to see people meet together in the bars in the middle of the week just to talk about how’s life going. They are really chilled.

We are cooperating with Bearzi school in Udine. The students are really friendly – they are ansewering the questions we asked them and showing us the whole school building. We are really pleased, that we have a chance to work with them.

We truly look forward to upcoming days and trips that are planned for us.

You are very welcome to see the results of the project that we are producing. Enjoy!